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Pediatric Hospitalist Jobs in USA 2024 – Apply Now

The Pediatric Hospital Medicine team at BSWH McClellan Children’s Hospital is in critical need of a board-certified or board-eligible physician. Although not required, pediatric hospital medicine experience or a fellowship degree are preferred. The chosen candidate will be assigned to various work settings, encompassing the night team, the daytime APP service, and resident service during the course of the day.

As inpatients, candidates must possess a profound desire to attend to a diverse array of complex medical and surgical conditions. We provide an extensive range of pediatric sub-specialties, including a dedicated PICU that is located on-site. Extensive engagement is observed in the domains of medical research, quality enhancement, and instruction. Outstanding clinical, interpersonal, and collaborative abilities are required.

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In an ever-evolving field of medicine, the pediatric hospitalist plays a crucial role in safeguarding the health of our younger patients. The staff of Baylor Scott & White Health, one of the nation’s largest not-for-profit healthcare organizations, is in need of pediatric hospitalists.

This article will analyze the domain of pediatric hospitalist employment at Baylor Scott & White Health. The responsibilities, benefits, and effects that these employees have on the healthcare industry will be examined.

What Is a Pediatric Hospitalist?

While a child is hospitalized, specialized medical professionals referred to as pediatric hospitalists attend to all of their needs. They possess the ability to recognize and treat an extensive range of pediatric medical conditions. In order to ensure optimal care for children, they engage in close collaboration with fellow medical practitioners.

McLane Children’s Medical Center Information

Temple, Texas is the location of our freestanding Children’s Hospital and five-story McLane Children’s Specialty Clinic adjacently. The hospital operates around the clock and has a confirmed trauma center, a level II patricide emergency department, 112 patient beds, 16 private rooms for pediatric intensive care units, and 48 private rooms for surgery and medical care. These facilities enable the hospital to handle even the most severe pediatric trauma situations. The primary campus of BSWMC in Temple houses a level IV neonatal intensive care unit with a capacity of 48 overnight beds.

Concerning the Community

The Texas Hill Country, an alternative name for Central Texas, is widely recognized for its authentic cuisine, premium wines, and undulating landscapes. In March and April, the region is blanketed in the renowned Texas bluebonnets, which attract artists and photographers to this popular spot. Seven prestigious colleges and universities, in addition to major metropolitan areas such as San Antonio and Austin, are situated in this region.

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History of Baylor Scott & White Health

Baylor Scott & White Health (BSWH) is the preeminent non-profit healthcare organization nationally and the largest in Texas. Based on its longstanding commitment and record of excellence in innovation, collaboration, integrity, and patient care, BSWH is well-positioned to emerge as a preeminent healthcare institution in the nation.

Our mission as a Christian healing ministry is to assist all individuals by providing individualized wellness and health through the application of cutting-edge treatments, education, and research. Being a member of our team transcends a mere occupation and becomes a vocation.

Benefits of Pediatric Hospitalist Jobs

  • Focused Patient Care: Pediatric hospitalists are afforded the opportunity to concentrate solely on the treatment and care of children who are admitted to the hospital. This enables them to grow profoundly knowledgeable in the management of an extensive array of pediatric diseases and conditions, resulting in enhanced patient outcomes.
  • Clinical Diversity: Pediatric hospitalists gain exposure to a wide range of medical cases while working in a hospital environment, encompassing both prevalent ailments and intricate, multi-system diseases. This diversity maintains their workweek interesting and demanding while enhancing their clinical expertise.
  • Collaboration with Specialists: Pediatric hospitalists frequently engage in close working relationships with cardiologists, oncologists, and pediatric surgeons, among others. A collaborative environment is conducive to ongoing education and guarantees the provision of comprehensive patient care.
  • Continuity of Care: Hospitalists commonly oversee patients during their entire hospitalization, thereby ensuring continuity of care that has the potential to enhance patient outcomes and augment patient and family satisfaction.
  • Work-Life Balance: In comparison to other medical specialties, numerous pediatric hospitalist positions provide organized timetables featuring specified shifts, thereby potentially enhancing the equilibrium between work and personal life. This predictability reduces fatigue and permits more personal time.
  • Opportunities to Teach: Pediatric hospitalists are frequently presented with teaching engagements involving medical students, residents, and fellows. This enlightening position as an educator contributes to the development of the following generation of pediatricians.
  • Involvement in Hospital Policy and Administration: Pediatric hospitalists have the potential to exert a substantial influence on hospital administration, quality improvement endeavors, and the formulation of policies. The insights gained from their direct participation in patient care regarding efficient hospital operations and patient safety protocols are invaluable.
  • Comprehensive Patient Management: Hospitalists bear the responsibility of orchestrating every facet of an inpatient child’s healthcare, encompassing diagnostic procedures, discharge arrangements, and treatment strategizing. By adopting this comprehensive approach, it guarantees that every aspect of the patient’s hospitalization is attended to.
  • Professional Development: Hospital settings offer abundant prospects for professional advancement due to their dynamic and rapidly evolving atmosphere. Pediatric hospitalists acquire knowledge on an ongoing basis through interaction with colleagues, novel cases, and medical advancements.
  • Patient and Family Interaction: Throughout hospital tenure, hospitalists have the opportunity to develop strong relationships with patients and their families. Offering assistance, guidance, and consolation to families amidst difficult circumstances can evoke immense satisfaction.

Qualifications of Pediatric Hospitalist Jobs in USA

The employee must currently hold board certification in their field or demonstrate active progress toward certification, as determined by the appropriate specialty board of the American Board of Medical Specialties or the Bureau of Osteopathic Specialists.

Five of our facilities are ranked among America’s 250 Best Facilities by Health Grades, which places them in the top five percent of hospitals nationwide in terms of overall clinical excellence.


A pediatric hospitalist position at Baylor Scott & White Health provides the chance to significantly influence the lives of children, elevating the professional status beyond that of a mere occupation. You make a substantial contribution to a healthcare system that values excellence, compassion, and innovation by joining their team.

  1. How much do pediatric hospitalists make in NYC?

    The 25th percentile is $207,900. The salaries listed below are outliers. The 75th percentile is $264,800.

  2. Is pediatrics competitive in the USA? 

    Despite having the highest match rates overall, including among international medical graduates, pediatrics still demands a strong personal statement and preparation for pediatric residency interview questions to secure a match.

  3. Is pediatrics a good career in the United States? 

    Pediatricians rank #6 in Best-Paying Jobs. We rank jobs based on their capacity to provide a unique combination of factors. Read more about how we rank the best jobs.

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