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Restaurant Counter Attendant Job in USA 2024 – Visa Sponsorship

You need look no further if you are seeking a Restaurant Counter Attendant Job in the United States that will sponsor your visa. One can find an abundance of job opportunities available to them. It is one of those menial positions for which little education or experience is required. The candidate would submit an electronic application via email to Starr Restaurants, located in Philadelphia, USA.

The successful candidate for the position will be required to commence work promptly. The nature of this position determines whether it is full-time or permanent. However, there are additional schedules in the morning, afternoon, and on weekends, evening, and so forth. Engaging in a job application process for this position will prove advantageous. Consider the procedure that goes into locating these jobs:

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Details of Restaurant Counter Attendant Job in USA:

  • Title: Counter Attendant
  • Country: Philadelphia, USA
  • Age limit: above 18
  • Salary: USD 13.60 per hour.
  • Working hours: 30 hours per week.
  • Experience: No
  • Food: Yes
  • Transport: No
  • Accommodation: No

Requirements of Restaurant Counter Attendant Job

  • Diploma or an alternative degree
  • The absence of a minimum experience requirement means that individuals with no prior experience are eligible to apply.
  • The candidate must possess proficient English-speaking skills.
  • Valid sponsorship for a work visa.
  • It is imperative that the candidate lacks a criminal record. One may still obtain employment despite having a criminal record, in accordance with both state and federal regulations.
  • Applicants must have the ability to perform the various shifts that are necessary for the operation of the establishment.
  • Candidates must have the ability to prepare and service cuisine at tables, bars, and buffets. Consequently, applicants with prior experience in the culinary field would be more desirable.
  • The candidate must possess effective interpersonal communication and assistance skills.
  • A candidate with strong hand-mind equilibrium, the capacity to learn quickly, and adaptability to a fast-paced environment are all desirable qualities. Additionally, they must be able to readily adjust to the working environment.
  • The individual hired will be provided with training.


  • The Candidate will be responsible for cleansing silverware, dishes, and any other items required to properly position service areas and tables.
  • The candidate is accountable for replenishing condiments and other supplies that are in short supply in the bar, serving area, and tables.
  • Whoever is selected for the position must possess the ability to greet patrons and direct them to their designated seating areas.
  • Individual duties will include menu description provision, order taking at counters, takeaway order serving, and takeaway order sealing and packaging.
  • The candidate is responsible for maintaining a clean and sanitary bar and table area.
  • The candidate must provide service to individuals seated at banquet tables and booths.
  • It will be the responsibility of the applicant to restock beverage refrigerators with salad or confectionery bars.

Benefits of Restaurant Counter Attendant Job:

  • Customer Engagement: Counter attendants frequently engage in firsthand communication with patrons, wherein they receive orders, render aid, and guarantee a satisfactory gastronomic encounter. Those who have a penchant for interacting with others and delivering satisfactory client service may find this facet of the occupation to be gratifying.
  • Rapid-Paced Setting: Particularly for those that offer counter service, restaurants are frequently hectic environments. People who flourish in dynamic and energetic work environments may find this quite exciting.
  • Prospects for Offering Tips: In establishments where gratuities are customary, counter staff might be eligible to supplement their regular wages with tips. This may ultimately result in increased earnings.
  • Adjustment in Scheduling: A considerable number of dining establishments provide counter attendants with the ability to select schedules that correspond with their availability. Persons who have additional obligations or commitments may find this flexibility advantageous.
  • Entry-Level Employment: Frequently, positions as a counter attendant are entry-level and require little prior experience. This feature renders them easily obtainable for individuals who are new to the workforce or seeking part-time work.
  • Work in Teams and Collaboration: Counter attendants collaborate with servers, culinary personnel, and other staff members as members of a team. Collaborative efforts cultivate a feeling of solidarity and mutual accountability.
  • Skill Enhancement: Counter-assistant work necessitates the development of a variety of competencies, such as problem-solving, multitasking, and communication. These are transferable abilities that may prove useful in additional professional contexts.
  • Culinary Environment Exposure: Counter attendants may acquire practical experience in the culinary industry through observation of food preparation processes and discussion of various dishes. Those who have an interest in the hospitality and culinary industries may find this exposure to be appealing.
  • Opportunities for Progress: Certain counter attendants may be eligible for career progression opportunities within the restaurant, including transitioning to supervisory positions or assuming additional responsibilities.
  • Rebates on Food: As a workplace benefit, counter attendants at certain restaurants may be eligible for food or meal discounts. This feature may prove advantageous for patrons of the restaurant’s gastronomy.
  • Maintaining Job Stability: In the restaurant industry, counter attendant positions are frequently sought-after and stable. This may offer a degree of employment stability to those in search of consistent work.
  • Promotion of Networking Opportunities: Counter attendants in restaurants have the opportunity to engage with a wide range of individuals, including management, patrons, and fellow employees. This networking may prove beneficial in securing prospective employment prospects.
  • Diverse Places of Employment: Counter attendants are employed in an extensive range of restaurant environments, including upscale establishments and casual cafés. This diversity enables people to select a place of employment that corresponds with their tastes.

Tips to Find Restaurant Counter Attendant Jobs

  • Analyze the job description, including specifics about the position, required qualifications, and so forth.
  • Kindly verify that you satisfy every prerequisite prior to submitting your application. Consider the function of work and labor itself in depth.
  • Click the “Online Application” link that appears below.
  • After providing the necessary information, proceed with submitting your application.
  • Verify that a conformation email pertaining to the submitted job application has been received.

How to apply for Restaurant Counter Attendant Jobs in USA

You may also conduct a job search using the application window and your own information to refine the results. Enter your occupation’s title, such as “Bartender Jobs in the USA” “Restaurant Counter Attendant Jobs in the USA,” or something similar. To obtain more precise results, specify a search location within Philadelphia, United States of America.

It is advisable to ensure that the information in your curriculum vitae (CV), resume, and cover letter is current with regard to current market trends. This is because the employer will quickly discern the manner in which these materials are presented.

More Info

  1. What does a food counter attendant do?

    Take customer orders, accept payment, and serve customers at food counters. may also prepare, heat, and finish cooking simple food items.

  2. What is a counter attendant in a restaurant?

    Counter attendants take carryout orders from diners and wrap or place items in containers. They clean counters, prepare itemized bills, and accept customer payments. There are no formal education requirements for becoming a food and beverage serving worker.

  3. What are the duties of a counter attendant?

    Counter attendants are often the first people customers interact with when they enter an establishment. They greet customers, answer questions about menu items, and ring up orders. They also often serve ready-made food and drink items, such as coffee, ice cream, and pastries.

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