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Live-in Care Assistant Jobs in Australia 2024 – Apply Now

To provide assistance to our clients in Tamworth and the adjacent areas, we are seeking live-in caregivers. You will offer assistance and care to a young gentleman who is autistic and has cognitive disabilities. Our client, who lives alone in a bungalow, takes pleasure in strolling to the local coffee shop every day. Although he exhibits a high degree of independence, he fails to perceive potential dangers when outdoors; therefore, caregivers must maintain constant vigilance and awareness. Failure to adhere to his rigorous regimen may result in his escalation.

Our patrons are the focal point of all that we do. We are all aware that allowing individuals to remain in their most comfortable environment can contribute to their improved health and a greater sense of fulfillment in life. This position requires prior care experience in the United Kingdom.

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You will be responsible for ensuring that our clients receive the highest quality of care and support in your role as a live-in care assistant. You will reside with the client for a specified period of time, ensuring that they are content and comfortable in their own residence so that they can maintain the greatest degree of independence possible. It is an excellent opportunity to develop a relationship with the customer that can be extremely rewarding and to refine your caregiving abilities.

In addition to meal preparation and light housekeeping, the individual is accountable for medication assistance and aspects of personal care.

Details of Live-in Care Assistant Jobs in Australia

  • Pay: £895 a week
  • Company: Cera
  • Job type: Permanent
  • Shift and schedule: Overtime
  • Shift patterns: 4 days on, 4 days off, in conjunction with the social worker and the guardians of the client.

Why Cera?

Your value is acknowledged. Caregivers support our mission to enable individuals to live longer, healthier, and more fulfilling lives in their own homes. Our undefined Commit, Connect, and Create undefined core values guide all that we do, and we recognize our employees’ incredible work with a monthly Cera Stars awards program.

We make an investment in your growth; we facilitate your progress by offering certified credentials and apprenticeships. Additionally, there are prospects for advancement: 45% of our salaried positions were occupied by promoting current care workers and branch staff via our caregiver career pathway.

We prioritize your welfare. As an employee, you will have access to WeCare, a benefits platform that provides discounts and reimbursement opportunities from more than 800 retailers. Furthermore, we offer an employee assistance program, enhanced maternity, paternity, and adoption pay, a healthcare funding plan, an eyecare plan, and a telephone support service for mental health.

Our organization is committed to simplifying your work. To achieve this, we have developed cutting-edge technology in the care industry that streamlines administrative duties, improves results, and enables you to concentrate on the most critical aspect of our profession: providing exceptional care for our clients.

Key Requirements for Live-in Care Assistant Jobs in Australia

  • Preexisting experience
  • Driving privileges and a valid driver’s license
  • In addition to references, a DBS/PVG check will be conducted.
  • Employment Rights in the UK

Benefits of Live-in Care Assistant Jobs

  • All-Inclusive Care: Live-in care assistants offer continuous assistance to individuals who require it as a result of their age, illness, or disability. This degree of care guarantees prompt support and companionship in times of necessity.
  • Preserving Independence: Through providing care within the domicile of the individual, live-in care assistants facilitate the preservation of autonomy and solace in a familiar setting, thereby fostering a feeling of protection and welfare.
  • Individualized Care: Live-in care assistants customize caregiving services to meet the distinct needs and preferences of individual clients, attending to their particular specifications in a one-on-one fashion.
  • Formation of Relationships: Cohabitation with clients fosters the formation of robust and significant connections. Consistently establishing themselves as reliable companions and confidants, care assistants cultivate an atmosphere that is nurturing and sympathetic.
  • Familiarity and adaptability A flexible schedule and a consistent caregiver are frequently advantageous for clients, as they foster a sense of familiarity and routine that can be reassuring, particularly for those who are afflicted with cognitive impairments or dementia.
  • Support and Monitoring of Health: Live-in care assistants frequently offer aid in the execution of daily tasks, personal hygiene, medication administration, and health maintenance, thereby making a valuable contribution to the overall welfare of the client.
  • A Sense of Security for Families: The continuous provision of care by a trained and compassionate professional also confers advantages upon the families of the clients, enabling them to maintain their own obligations while experiencing a sense of tranquility.
  • Maintaining Job Stability: Live-in care positions frequently offer consistent employment opportunities with ongoing placements, particularly when the local community has a sustained demand for such services.
  • Development, both personally and professionally: A career as a live-in care assistant necessitates ongoing education, the improvement of skills, and the accumulation of practical knowledge and expertise in the areas of caregiving, communication, and comprehending the requirements of long-term care recipients.
  • Making a Contribution to Life Quality: By enabling their clients to remain in their own homes, where they can be around familiar surroundings, personal belongings, and daily activities, live-in care assistants play a crucial role in improving their overall well-being.

We provide equal employment opportunities. We are committed to fostering an inclusive environment for all employees and value diversity. This position is held by Cera.

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  1. In Australia, how do I become a care assistant?

    Complete a Certificate III in Individual Support (CHC33015). Some institutions may allow you to specialize in aging or disability. You may also be able to complete this course as part of a traineeship.

  2. How much do live-in caregivers make in Australia? 

    The national average salary for a live-in caregiver is $50,000 in Australia.

  3. Can you relocate to Australia to work as a health care assistant?

    International healthcare professionals who seek to work in Australia must receive an Australian working visa permitting them to work in Australia. If you are a nurse or midwife seeking employment in any area of Australia, you must have a visa that permits you to do so.

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