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Kitchen Assistant Jobs in Saudi Arabia 2024 – Visa Sponsorship

It is feasible to obtain employment as a kitchen assistant or cook in Saudi Arabia, which encompasses lodging and food expenses. According to a reputable international recruiting firm, there are four culinary assistant assistance positions available in Saudi Arabia, with salaries ranging from 1,000 to 1,300 SAR per position. Education is not compulsory. The organization will provide full reimbursement for your visa sponsorship, lodging expenses, and travel expenses.

In order to secure employment, it is necessary to demonstrate a positive attitude, possess relevant information, speak English proficiently, and work diligently. It suffices to have labored for a year. Applicants of any nationality are eligible to submit an application. Kitchen assistants or cooks are the most sought-after positions in the culinary and hospitality industry, and they are an excellent starting point for career advancement.

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Let us delve deeper into the topic of well-paying, free-food employment in Saudi Arabia that includes accommodation costs as a kitchen assistant or cook assistant.

Details of Kitchen Assistant Jobs in Saudi Arabia

  • Job Country: Saudi Arabia
  • Industry: Food/Hospitality
  • Job Type: Cook Helper/Chef Assistant
  • Minimum Experience Required: 1 year
  • Education Required: Basic English
  • Visa Sponsorship and Relocation Assistance
  • Employment Term: Permanent and Full-Time (Subject to Visa Extension)
  • Salary: 1,000–1,300 SAR monthly

Requirements of Kitchen Assistant Jobs in Saudi Arabia

  • Legal Proof: A passport that is valid and has sufficient remaining time is necessary. In order to legally work in Saudi Arabia, it may be necessary to obtain the necessary work licenses or visas, as well as to undergo a medical examination.
  • Education and Work Experience: Although a high school diploma or equivalent is not always mandatory, it may be advantageous to possess one. Individuals who have previously worked in kitchens or other locations where food is prepared, even in entry-level positions, are frequently chosen.
  • Skills and Abilities: Employers generally prefer candidates who have experience in kitchen management and cookery. This requires comprehension of basic food preparation methods, the ability to uphold food safety and sanitation, and the ability to follow recipe instructions.
  • Physical Fitness: It is essential to be in excellent physical condition and capable of performing repetitive tasks, lifting heavy objects, and standing for extended periods, as working in a kitchen can be physically demanding.
  • Language Proficiency: While not always essential, a fundamental comprehension of Arabic or English may facilitate communication with your colleagues and supervisors in the workplace.
  • Teamwork and adaptability: Individuals who are involved in the preparation of food and the operation of kitchens must be able to make rapid decisions and work effectively with others. In order to maintain a positive environment, they must be willing to comply with the instructions of chefs and other culinary personnel and be able to collaborate effectively.
  • Respect for Saudi Labor Laws: It is imperative to comply with all labor laws and regulations in Saudi Arabia. This involves adhering to the nation’s laws regarding pay, working hours, and any other legal obligations that are associated with employment.
  • Clear Criminal Record: Certain employers may require a police clearance certificate or a clear criminal history before issuing a visa.

Benefits of Kitchen Assistant Jobs in Saudi Arabia

  • Competitive Salary: Kitchen assistant positions in Saudi Arabia frequently offer competitive salaries that can ensure a comfortable standard of living.
  • Accommodation: Numerous employers offer kitchen personnel free or subsidized housing, which substantially reduces their living expenses.
  • Transportation Allowance: Employers frequently provide transportation services to and from the workplace or offer transportation allowances.
  • Tax-Free Income: Saudi Arabia does not impose an income tax, which enables employees to retain a greater portion of their earnings in comparison to numerous other countries.
  • Cultural Immersion: The opportunity to experience a new culture and lifestyle can be enriching and broaden personal horizons while working in Saudi Arabia.
  • Training Opportunities: Numerous employers provide training programs to enhance the skills and knowledge of employees, thereby improving their career prospects in the culinary industry.
  • Health Benefits: Employment packages frequently include health insurance, which guarantees access to quality healthcare and covers medical expenses.
  • Meals Are Provided: Kitchen staff are typically provided with complimentary meals during their duties, which helps to reduce personal food expenses.
  • Career Development: The hospitality industry in Saudi Arabia offers opportunities for career advancement, including transitioning from the position of kitchen assistant to more senior positions such as chef or kitchen supervisor.
  • Work Environment: The culinary industry highly values the experience and valuable skills that are developed in a professional kitchen.
  • Networking: The position offers the potential to establish connections with other culinary professionals, which may prove advantageous for future career prospects.
  • Holiday Entitlement: Employees typically receive paid leave, which includes public holidays, to facilitate leisure and relaxation.

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The advantages of working as a kitchen assistant or chef aide in Saudi Arabia are numerous and include free food, accommodation, transportation, and assistance with visa acquisition. One can obtain consistent employment in the culinary and hotel sectors with a minimum of one year of experience and basic English language skills.

These positions not only provide them with a consistent income but also provide them with the chance to advance in their professions and gain insight into various cultures.

  1. Is being a kitchen assistant hard?

    It is a tough job sometimes. It’s not uncommon that it’s up to you to clean up unpleasant messes left by customers or staff and constantly changing circumstances mean having to think on your feet.

  2. What qualifications do I need to be a kitchen assistant? 

    Basic numerical knowledge and writing skills are essential. Some employers require candidates to have a Level 1 Award in Introduction to Employment in the Hospitality Industry, a Level 1 Certificate in General Cookery, or a Level 2 Award in Food Safety.

  3. How much is a kitchen helper paid in Saudi Arabia?

    In Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, the average salary for a cook helper is SAR 65,206 per year and SAR 31 per hour. The average salary range for a cook is between SAR 50,861 and SAR 74,400. On average, a high school degree is the highest level of education for a cook.

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