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Housekeeping Jobs in Netherlands 2024 – Visa Sponsorship

There are numerous opportunities available to you if you are an English speaker and are interested in pursuing a career as a housekeeper in the Netherlands. Cleaning and maintaining a residence or motel are frequently included in the responsibilities of housekeeping. Housekeepers are required by numerous residences and hotels in Germany, and some of them may be seeking English-speaking personnel to assist their international guests.

This article will furnish you with all the necessary information to submit an application for housekeeping positions in the Netherlands, regardless of your proficiency in English. Numerous individuals have been conducting online searches for a low-skilled position in the Netherlands. If you are interested in obtaining a substandard position in the Netherlands, please read this post until the conclusion.

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Details of Housekeeping Jobs in Netherlands

  • Country: Netherlands
  • Job type: Housekeeping Jobs
  • No Experience or Prior Knowledge Required
  • Age Limit: Minimum 18–21 Years
  • Visa Sponsorship available
  • Salary: EUR 9–12 per hour

Benefits of Housekeeping Jobs in Netherlands

  • Job Opportunities: The hospitality business in the Netherlands is growing, which means that there are a lot of jobs for housekeepers in hotels, resorts, and other places where people stay.
  • Competitive Wages: In the Netherlands, housekeeping jobs usually pay well, and there are also chances to get extra perks like bonuses, overtime pay, and rewards for good work.
  • Work-Life Balance: Many companies in the Netherlands put a high value on work-life balance and give housekeepers reasonable hours and a choice of when they work. Employees can keep a good mix between their work and personal lives this way.
  • Stepping Stones to More Senior Positions: Housekeeping jobs can help you get ahead in your hospitality work. In the Netherlands, English-speaking housekeepers may be able to move up to supervisory or management roles with more training and experience.
  • Environment: The Netherlands is a varied country with a workforce made up of people from different backgrounds. Housekeepers who know English can work with coworkers from different backgrounds, which makes the workplace more dynamic and open to everyone.
  • Experience with Dutch Culture: Working as a cleaner in the Netherlands gives English speakers the chance to fully experience Dutch culture, learn the language, and take part in Dutch traditions and customs.
  • Benefits: People who work in the Netherlands are eligible to a number of social benefits, such as health insurance, pension contributions, and benefits if they lose their job. These perks can help English-speaking housekeepers take care of their health and finances.
  • Training and Development: Housekeeping staff may be given training and development chances by their employers to help them get better at their jobs and grow professionally. This could include classes on how to clean, deal with customers, and follow health and safety rules.
  • Level of Quality of Life: The Netherlands has a very high level of quality of life thanks to its great healthcare, education, and infrastructure. Living conditions for English-speaking housekeepers are good, and they can use services and amenities that are good for their health.
  • Chance to Travel: English-speaking housekeepers working in the hospitality business in the Netherlands may have the chance to see different parts of the country and take weekend trips to nearby European cities.

Requirements of Housekeeping Jobs

  • Must be at least eighteen years of age.
  • It is essential that you possess the ability to communicate in both Dutch and English.
  • People consistently favor experience, despite the fact that it is not mandatory.
  • No criminal history.
  • An exceptional medical history.
  • Dutch immigration authorities mandate that all documentation be submitted in order to obtain a visa.

Average Housekeeper’s Salary in the Netherlands

In the Netherlands, the typical salary of a domestic can be influenced by their location, employer, and level of experience. However, the average hourly compensation for a domestic worker in the Netherlands and several other neighboring EU nations is approximately €10–€12, as documented by the Federal Employment Agency of the Netherlands and online pay databases.

Types of Housekeeping Jobs in Netherlands

  • Hotel housekeeper
  • Private household housekeeper
  • Office Cleaner
  • Housekeeping Supervisor
  • Cruise ship housekeeper

More Info

  1. In the Netherlands, how much does housekeeping pay?

    The average salary for a hotel housekeeping attendant is €30,684 a year, and €15 an hour in the Netherlands. The average salary range for a hotel housekeeping attendant is between €23,657 and €35,348.

  2. Is housekeeping a demanding job? 

    Housekeeping in a hotel is a very physically demanding job that includes many, varied tasks. NOTE: This document discusses the health and safety aspects of hotel housekeeping involving repetitive motion injuries.

  3. Is housekeeping a skilled job?

    Housekeepers require technical knowledge and several hard skills to perform their jobs effectively.

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