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Children and Families Worker Jobs in UK 2024 – Apply Now

The Stockton Recovery service has an exciting opportunity for you to become a member of a dynamic team dedicated to assisting children and young people whose lives have been impacted by the substance abuse or alcoholism of others. The Children and Family Worker is responsible for providing one-on-one support to children and adolescents under the age of 18 in a confidential environment.

The position entails implementing an extensive array of interventions and educational programs via arts and crafts, diversions, and resources for emotional well-being. Supporting the young person in leading a safe, happy, and healthy existence will involve empowering them to explore situations over which they feel they have little control while employing a young person-centered approach. The incumbent will collaborate and communicate with other youth services in Stockton in order to provide comprehensive assistance to the youth who utilize the service.

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As needed, you will be expected to operate flexibly across multiple operational sites.

It is necessary to document information regarding our work; therefore, a small amount of administrative experience and attention to detail are essential. However, in the main, you will derive satisfaction from impacting the lives of young individuals from diverse backgrounds.

Our core values are candor, courage, and compassion. We’d love to hear from you if this describes you; therefore, please select “Apply.”

Details of Children and Families Worker Jobs in UK

  • Where: Stockton
  • Company: CGL (Change, Grow, Live)
  • Hours: 37.5 per week
  • Salary: £27,449.53 – 31,529.41 pro rata (dependent on experience)
  • Contract: Permanent
  • Location: 32-34 Williams Street, Stockton-on-Tees TS18

Responsibilities of Children and Families Worker Jobs in UK

  • Collaborate with other agencies to identify families that would benefit from a Think Family/Whole family approach; negotiate their engagement and participation in the program of care.
  • Supervisory of a caseload of individuals impacted by substance abuse in the parents
  • Ensure that proper safeguarding procedures are consistently adhered to, when applicable collaborating with statutory agencies.
  • Assess, psychosocially support, integrate, and plan for post-care assistance, including transfer of care.
  • Advocate for service users to facilitate their participation in and access to partnership services.
  • Assist service users in attaining positive, holistic health and well-being outcomes, empowering them to lead lives that are secure, joyful, healthful, and purposeful: Increasing resilience and decreasing risk

Benefits of Children and Families Worker Jobs

  • Significant Influence: Children and Families Employees fulfill an indispensable function in enhancing and providing assistance to children and their families. Their efforts may result in beneficial community transformations and assist families in navigating difficult circumstances.
  • Diverse Responsibilities: A multitude of duties are entailed in this position, encompassing case management, advocacy, counseling, and program development, among others. By virtue of the variety of duties involved, the occupation is dynamic and stimulating.
  • Promoting personal fulfillment: Assisting families and children in surmounting obstacles and attaining improved results can be extraordinarily gratifying. Employees frequently derive profound personal fulfillment from making a concrete impact on the lives of others.
  • Professional Development: This profession offers an abundance of training and development opportunities. By attending seminars, workshops, and courses, employees can improve their abilities and remain current on best practices.
  • Job Security: Children and Families Workers are consistently in high demand due to the ongoing requirement for social services and assistance for vulnerable populations. This demand ensures employment security and stability.
  • Supportive Work Environment: Numerous organizations that hire children and family workers provide supportive work environments, which comprise resources to assist with coping with the emotional demands of the position, peer support, and supervision.
  • Skill Development: The position facilitates the growth of an extensive array of competencies, including but not limited to communication, problem-solving, empathy, and resilience. These skills hold significant value across various professional and personal domains.
  • Career Advancement: Career progression can be achieved through a multitude of avenues within the discipline. Professionals with sufficient experience may advance to managerial, supervisory, or specialized positions, including program coordination or family therapy.
  • Community Engagement: The position requires direct collaboration with other service providers and members of the community. This form of active participation promotes the development of robust community connections and cultivates a cooperative methodology towards tackling societal challenges.
  • Flexibility: Numerous positions provide the opportunity to work remotely, flexible hours, and part-time opportunities, thereby facilitating a healthier work-life balance.

About you:

  • Working knowledge of families afflicted with multiple risk factors, such as Parental substance abuse, domestic violence, antisocial behavior, unemployment, inadequate or unsuitable accommodation, learning disability, parental mental health, and parental substance abuse.
  • A Level 3 or higher qualification in a health and social care-related field.
  • Expertise in conducting one-on-one and group sessions, incorporating evidence-based interventions
  • Profound professional background in the domain of substance misconduct
  • Proficient in collaborating closely with critical stakeholders, such as Children’s Services, educational institutions, and primary care, as well as facilitating or presiding over multi-agency conferences
  • Capability to conduct thorough evaluations of care strategizing, case administration, and evaluations
  • Proficient in imparting instruction to professionals
  • Proficiency and a readiness to exhibit empathy, inclusivity, and non-judgment in one’s professional conduct.
  • Expertise in the practical application of pertinent legislation and procedures governing the protection of children and adolescents
  • Automobile access and a valid driver’s license

What we will give to you:

  • 25 days of vacation (including bank holidays), with an annual increase of 1 day. “Maximum of 30 days”
  • Weekly paid “Wellness” hour in addition to a “Wellness” center and Employee Assistance Program
  • Scheme for contributory pensions
  • An extensive array of benefits, including discounts on purchases, movies, vacations, and more.
  • An amicable and encouraging group
  • Progression, career development, and training prospects
  • Candidate success in the refer-a-friend program will earn them substantial vouchers.

We encourage previous applicants to disclose any newly acquired skills or experiences that have transpired since their previous application.

It is kindly requested that you incorporate the information specified in the job description into your application form and supporting statement. This will facilitate our comprehension of the extent to which your abilities and background correspond with the qualifications demanded for the position.

If this describes you and you are interested in starting a Change Grow Live endeavor, we would be delighted to speak with you.

“If sponsorship is required, please be advised that this position does not qualify for a Health and Care Worker visa.” In order to qualify for sponsorship via the Skilled Worker route, you must satisfy the position’s minimum salary requirements. You can obtain additional information here. An Overview of the Skilled Worker Visa on GOV.UK (

More Info

Part-time salary range (pro rata): CGL points 23 to 28 (£27,449.52 to £31,529.41). N/A denotes the Outside London Weighting Area (OLW). Date of Closing: 31/5/2024 Should you have any inquiries regarding this opportunity that you are interested in discussing, kindly reach out to us using the information provided below: Clare Halpin: Enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) scrutiny is applied to this position.Report employment

  1. How can I become a child support worker in the UK?

    To become a child support worker, you will need a minimum of a Level 3 qualification in a relevant field, such as social work, psychology, counseling, or childcare. This could be an NVQ Level 3 in childcare and education.

  2. What is the salary of family support workers in the UK?

    Starting salaries for family support workers are typically between £22,000 and £28,000. With experience or a particular specialism, you can earn up to £35,000, especially if you’re in a supervisory role. Salaries for family support workers working as family center, project, and charity managers can be up to £50,000.

  3. What kind of work can children in the UK do?

    work in the shop, including stacking shelves. hairdressers. office work. I washed the car by hand at someone’s house.

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