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Band 4 Assistant Practioner Jobs in London 2024 – Apply Now

Approximately 10,000 employees are responsible for the care of 1.6 million patients at our trust. It includes the Royal Free Hospital, Barnet Hospital, Chase Farm Hospital, and over 30 community services. This larger organization offers an unparalleled opportunity for us to continue our pioneering work, particularly in the pursuit of methods to provide even greater care to our patients.

Our objective is to provide world-class care and expertise in our clinical services, which are supported by world-class teaching and research. We will continue to evaluate our progress regarding our five governing objectives: excellent outcomes, excellent patient and staff experience, excellent value for taxpayers’ money, being safe and fulfilling our external obligations, and establishing a robust organization.

Everyone is invited to the Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust. We are proud of our diversity and are committed to implementing new initiatives that promote good relations and understanding among our staff by advancing equality for LGBT+, BME, gender equality, staff carers, and people with disabilities and lived experiences.

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Details of Band 4 Assistant Practioner Jobs in London:

Job Title:Band 4 Assistant Practioner Jobs in London
Job Type:Full-Time
Salary:£29,460 – £31,909 a year
Country:United Kingdom

Benefits of Band 4 Assistant Practioner Jobs:

  • Career Advancement: Band 4 The healthcare sector offers assistant practitioner positions as a means of advancing one’s career. Through additional education and training, these positions provide a clear path to more advanced roles, such as becoming a registered nurse or specialist practitioner.
  • Skill Development: The role of assistant practitioner offers the chance to cultivate a diverse array of clinical and non-clinical abilities. These positions frequently entail the support of clinical procedures, the management of patient records, and direct patient care, all of which contribute to the development of both practical and interpersonal skills.
  • Professional Recognition: Assistant practitioners are acknowledged as critical members of the healthcare team. They contribute to the efficient administration of healthcare services and the provision of essential support to nurses and doctors, thereby enhancing patient care.
  • Job Satisfaction: The position of an assistant practitioner can be highly rewarding, providing the opportunity to make a significant impact on the lives of patients. High levels of job satisfaction and a sense of fulfillment can result from providing direct care and support to patients.
  • Competitive Salary: Band 4 positions provide competitive remuneration within the NHS pay structure. The overall compensation package is improved by the inclusion of London. Weighting allowances, which account for the cost of living in London,
  • Job Security: The healthcare sector is a vital and expanding industry that provides substantial job security. Stable employment opportunities are guaranteed by the persistent demand for competent healthcare professionals, including assistant practitioners.
  • Work Environment: Assistant practitioners are employed in a variety of contexts, such as hospitals, community clinics, and residential care homes. This diversity enables individuals to identify work environments that are most conducive to their career objectives and preferences.
  • Professional Development: The NHS and other healthcare employers in London frequently offer opportunities for continuous professional development (CPD). Assistant practitioners have the opportunity to improve their skills and knowledge by participating in seminars, training sessions, and courses.
  • Supportive Teams: Healthcare professionals are expected to collaborate with a variety of disciplines. Assistant practitioners can cultivate a positive and collaborative work environment by collaborating and receiving support from other healthcare professionals.
  • Contribution to Healthcare: Assistant practitioners are essential to the healthcare system, as they contribute to the overall efficiency of healthcare services and support patient care. Their efforts contribute to the enhancement of patient outcomes and the provision of high-quality healthcare.
  • Flexibility: A significant number of healthcare employers provide the option of flexible working arrangements, such as part-time, full-time, and shift work. This adaptability can assist assistant practitioners in reconciling their professional obligations with their obligations and achieving a more satisfactory work-life balance.
  • Enhanced Patient Interaction: In comparison to other healthcare positions, assistant practitioners frequently engage in more direct and continuous interactions with patients. This direct interaction enables the establishment of a rapport with patients and the provision of personalized care.
  • Resource Accessibility: Assistant Practitioners in London have access to some of the most advanced healthcare technologies, resources, and facilities. This access guarantees that they can continue to remain informed about the most recent developments in healthcare and deliver high-quality care.

Job Description:

For additional details regarding this position and employment at the Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust, please refer to the appended job description.

Royal Free World Class Values

  • Demonstrated capacity to fulfill the Trust Values

Education & professional Quali

Essential criteria:

  • A foundation degree in health and social care or an equivalent qualification
  • Submission of evidence of literacy and numeracy abilities at the GCSE level or comparable
  • Evidence of competencies that are specific to HD
  • Successful completion of assessor training

Desirable criteria

  • Evidence of consistent training and dedication to PDP


  • Work experience in a hospital setting
  • Recent experience in the HD unit
  • Customer service and teamwork expertise

Skills & Aptitude

  • Capacity to execute a specific essential competency
  • Strong verbal and written communication abilities
  • Effective clinic decision-making and priority-setting

Personal Qualities & Attributes:

  • Flexible and approachable when collaborating with the team
  • Capable of accommodating change

Covid-19 Vaccination:

The most effective defense against COVID-19 is to receive a vaccination and a booster. We advocate for and assist employees in obtaining the COVID-19 vaccine and a supplemental dose when they are eligible.

  • Apprenticeship Training (AT) The entry AT next to the employment title indicates that this vacancy is for an apprenticeship position.
  • By applying for this position, you agree that should you be successful, the NHS may transfer your data from the Trust to another NHS organization. This aligns with the streamlining initiative, aimed at improving the NHS’s efficiency and saving you time during your employment transition. Subsequently, we mandate that you finish your statistics and management e-learning modules before commencing employment with our organization.
  • A visa is necessary for EU/EEA citizens who lack EU Settlement or Pre-Settled status to work in the United Kingdom.
  • We encourage applications from job seekers who require sponsorship to work in the United Kingdom, and we will evaluate them alongside all other applications. Please ensure that you are eligible for the UKVI points-based system before submitting your application to prevent disappointment.
  • If one of the NLPSS partner trusts offers you a position, they will, in most cases, remotely verify your identity and right-to-work documentation as part of the pre-employment process. We will use TrustID, a certified identity verification service provider, to accomplish this. For facial matching, we will request you to take a “selfie” with your smartphone or tablet (if available) and an image of the relevant documents. TrustID will also conduct a digital address check using Equifax and Trunarrative, which is a silent check that does not affect your credit rating. For additional details, please visit
  • The trust collects personal information through electronically generated new starter documents on Trac. We securely store the collected information and use it to establish the employee record on the ESR HR system.
  • If the position involves regulated activities, the trust will request a DBS (CRB). The Trust adheres to both the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act and the Disclosure and Barring Service Codes of Practice.
  • You agree to allow the Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust’s preferred applicant management system to transfer the information in your application. If you receive a job offer, we will transmit your information to the national NHS Electronic Staff Records system.
  • Be cautious of hoaxes; we will only communicate with you via or emails unless otherwise specified. We will never request any payments from you.

Individuals who are interested in flexible work arrangements or job sharing are encouraged to submit their applications. We are dedicated to the promotion of equal opportunities.

Please Note:

  • We may close this vacancy before the advertised closing date due to the substantial volume of applications received for certain positions. If you are intrigued and meet the qualifications of the Person Specification, please submit your application for this position as soon as possible.
  • The only candidates who can demonstrate that they satisfy the person specification will be shortlisted for this position.
  • Please ensure that you routinely check your email inbox after the closing date, as interview arrangements will be communicated via email.

Please be informed that all Royal Free accommodation is currently at full capacity and waiting lists are being maintained as a result of the exceptionally high demand. The average waiting time is 12 months. You mustn’t rely on Trust accommodation when you begin your role and you investigate alternative accommodations for your arrival.

For More Info:

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  1. How can I become an assistant practitioner in the UK?

    In addition to healthcare experience, trainee assistant practitioners typically have a relevant healthcare qualification at level 3, such as a BTEC, CACHE, relevant healthcare apprenticeship, or Access to HE course. Your skills and responsibilities will vary depending on the care setting in which you work.

  2. How much do assistant practitioners make in the UK? 

    The estimated total pay range for an assistant practitioner at the NHS is £21K–£25K per year, which includes base salary and additional pay. At the NHS, the average base salary for an assistant practitioner is £23K per year.

  3. What does a Band 4 assistant practitioner do?

    The team will assess, plan, implement, and evaluate the treatment requirements, develop care plans, and lead case management for the cluster and wider population. This will be done within a robust clinical governance framework, as well as in line with local and national strategies and priorities.

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